Integrative Psychotherapy and Nutrition Counseling

Supporting Your Innate Wisdom To Heal

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Our philosophy is integrative, meaning that we believe the discomfort or symptoms causing people to seek therapy may not be just in their mind, but can arise from their body, brain, physiology, biochemistry, spirit, soul, and/or nutrition. Your health is dependent upon many parts that communicate or work together in an integrative fashion. It is important to work with someone who sees the whole picture when seeking help for your health. We work together with a network of health professionals and we will refer to other professionals when someone can benefit from another type of service. Our approach is to help people find and address the cause of their suffering rather than to treat the symptoms themselves. We utilize effective natural approaches to healing that support the body’s own ability to bring about balance and health. Our intention is to educate and assist people in reclaiming their heath.

In addition to working from an integrative perspective to help people heal, we also believe that the relationship that the healing takes place in is essential. You can expect to be treated with respect, warmth, and understanding. You will find us to be calm, patient, and receptive. Although therapy can be a challenging place, our approach is to empower people at the same time. Our orientation is to support people in trusting themselves and their own wisdom or inner guidance. Too often we have lost this ability because we were not validated and respected for our beliefs, feelings, or boundaries. We are mindful of our impact on others and our work is strongly oriented towards corrective experiences, meaning we can clearly see where others were disempowered or disrespected and can guide them in experiencing something new that can help them heal from those wounds and move forward with personal power and confidence. In our effort to be as present as we can with others, we are committed to doing our own work and self-examination on a regular basis.


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