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Diagrams to accompany the video above: Our Inner System  &  Regulated Nervous System

My philosophy holds at its foundation an unshakable trust in your resilience.

There is a place in everyone that is innately resilient — present, regulated, and capable of being with any pain, fear, and vulnerability. Experiencing our resilience is what we and all of our vulnerable, fearful, and hurt parts crave, because when we feel it these parts relax, we trust ourselves, and we are aligned with and shine our true self.

I will help you connect to a resilience that you may have never known you had.

Many people haven’t had others in their lives that were shining a light on their resilience and placing a demand on it to come forward. When you connect to your resilience, you reclaim your power. You have the ability to be with your worst pain and your greatest fear. You are more resilient than you think!

I call myself an Integrative Psychotherapist because I believe that we are multi-dimensional, meaning that we are made up of many systems that are working and communicating together.

It’s my passion to study different systems to see how they relate and contribute to health and healing. The systems that I explore include: Physical, Physiological, Emotional, Psychological, Biochemical, Sexual, Attachment, Relational, Spiritual, and Energetic. The discomfort or symptoms causing many people to seek therapy may not be just in their mind, but can arise from their body, brain, attachment, physiology, biochemistry, energy, spirit, and/or nutrition. I work together with a network of health professionals and we will refer to other professionals when someone can benefit from another type of service. My approach is to help you find and address the cause of your suffering rather than to treat the symptoms. I utilize effective natural approaches to healing that support your own ability to bring about balance and health.

You can expect to be treated with respect, warmth, compassion, and curiosity.

You will find that I am calm, patient, and receptive. Although therapy can be a challenging place, it’s rare that my clients don’t walk out feeling better than when they came in. My orientation is to support you in trusting yourself and your own wisdom or inner guidance. Too often we have lost this ability because we were not validated and respected for our beliefs, feelings, or boundaries. My work is strongly oriented towards corrective experiences. I’m not interested in re-hashing the past the way that it happened, instead I’m looking for what what was missing and what needed to happen in order for you to feel a sense of resolution with the past. I can clearly see the impact of when clients were disempowered or didn’t get their needs met and can guide them in experiencing a new corrective experience that can help them heal from those wounds and move forward with personal power and confidence. In our effort to be as present as I can with others, I am committed to doing my own work and self-examination on a regular basis.

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