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from Danielle’s integrative training for therapists

Courses – Resource with Source – 9-day training


This has been one of the best investments I have ever made. The impact personally has been substantial. It served to accelerate my progress in my own therapy greatly working with my parts.  My approach to therapy with my clients is considerably more embodiment focused which was a huge piece I was missing.” – JV participant in Danielle’s Resource with Source training.


If you want to rid of burnout and over-responsibility as a therapist with your clients, this holistic approach is for you. Danielle’s vision of integrating various modalities and spirituality awakens the importance of bringing all of who we are to this work, from a place of being grounded in self. The gift of this, is empowering others to find the wholeness in themselves, with body, beliefs, emotions, and spirit, that has unlimited intelligence and clarity for transformation, change and freedom. There is relief in understanding that we are the ‘experts’ of ourselves, just as our clients are vs our agenda for them, with best intentions.” – D.S., participant in Danielle’s Resource with Source training.


Danielle’s training increased my effectiveness as a therapist exponentially. By using the approaches I learned from her, I was able to help my clients obtain powerful and transformative results on a regular basis. Now, clients frequently share feedback with me like ‘I’ve been in therapy for years/decades, and what we are doing works so much better than anything else I’ve tried.’ An excellent teacher and clinician, Danielle is caring, full of integrity, and dedicated to helping her students succeed. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. If you have been questioning whether you are truly helping your clients to create lasting change, TAKE THIS TRAINING!” – S.S., participant in Danielle’s Somatic Resolution and Internal Attachment training.


Learning how IFS and somatic work come together so naturally has greatly improved my ability to work with my clients. They are so relieved and empowered by the tools and perspective that this work brings! I myself have more consistent access to Self energy and body-based resources as a result of this training, as well. Danielle is a heart-centered, brilliant visionary and teacher. The work she does and the way that she presents information is assessable, inspiring, and life-changing. She has a genius for seeing the useful and sacred patterns across modalities and bringing them to people in a way that heals and empowers the individual.” – C.K., participant in Danielle’s Somatic Resolution and Internal Attachment training.


I think of my work as a therapist in two phases: one being before I learned Somatic Resolution and Internal Attachment, and the time period since. Getting to participate in the teachings by Danielle Carron in these two approaches of therapeutic healing shifted me from working with my clients with a sense of burden or efforting to feeling the ease and trust of being truly present. Getting to really connect with my core Self so deeply and thoroughly has made my work full of more ease, joy, creativity, healing and profound expansion for both my clients and myself. Danielle is a skilled teacher with true heart and dedication — she will meet you exactly where you are personally and professionally, and take you on a journey you never imagined possible and will be tremendously grateful for afterward.” – J.B. participant in Danielle’s Somatic Resolution and Internal Attachment training.


This training is the future of where we are headed as therapists.You will be more of yourself by the end of the training, have greater access and embodiment of your self energy. I really appreciate what you brought to the training – your wisdom, knowledge, your open heart, your ability to hold space for us, giving us options, etc. My parts felt very safe in this training. I felt Danielle was really attuned to each of us in this area. Personally this was a corrective experience for me as I felt like a member of the tribe of people attending the training.” – G.G., participant in Danielle’s Resource with Source training.


I felt safe in Danielle’s training, which is not usually the case for me in groups.”  – D.S.,  participant in Danielle’s Resource with Source training.


I felt very safe in the group at Danielle’s training, which doesn’t often happen for me. I feel like I have so many more tools to use both with myself and my clients. It also opened my mind and curiosity to so many other things.  It increased my confidence and ability to work with trauma. I learned concrete tools to use in sessions. It helped me with my niche as a therapist too.” K.N., participant in Danielle’s Resource with Source training.


I LOVED this training! This training will help expand your horizons, and approach working with your clients from a more embodied whole person perspective, really teaching you how to draw on your own clients resources to guide them into self-led empowered healing. I would recommend this training to others because it’s integrative and makes so much sense for true, embodied healing. It’s the next step in therapy. “Lots of safety, more comfortable than I’ve felt in any training.” – A.B., participant in Danielle’s Resource with Source training.



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