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Current Workshops and Trainings

Free Workshop

From Fragmentation to Integration: An Integrative Approach to Trauma Resolution

July 29, 2016

In this presentation, participants will:

  • Learn how clients can experience a greater sense of resolution with the past.
  • Understand how individuals are wired for survival and completion and how the impulse for completion can be accessed in clients.
  • Understand the wisdom of the body in surviving and healing from trauma.
  • Learn about the impact of emotional ruptures and how they can be repaired through internal attachment work.
  • Understand the intelligence in fragmentation as a result of trauma and how to help clients experience greater connection and wholeness.
  • As a clinician discover ways to access greater resiliency when working with clients who have experienced trauma.

Somatic Resolution and Internal Attachment Training

Starts August 12, 2016

Are you aware of the importance of the body in healing from trauma, but want more skills in how to guide someone to work with pain, sensations and impulses that arise in their body?

Are you interested in learning comprehensive techniques to work with the physiological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts of trauma?

This six month training draws from core concepts in somatic psychotherapy, part work, mindfulness, attachment, and neuroscience. Your instructors bring their training in various modalities as well as over 8 years of experience each in private practice with adult and adolescent clients who have experienced various types of trauma.

Integrative and Comprehensive:

The training is designed to help clinicians gain, enhance, and integrate skills in various modalities to work with the physiological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts of trauma.

Training and Consultation:

Through lecture, experiential exercises, case examples, case consultation and demos participants will:

  • Learn how to utilize effective somatic techniques to help clients regulate their nervous system and work within a range that is manageable.
  • Learn how to help clients move incomplete physiological impulses and sensations through to completion. Understand how to help clients create new experiences to change their relationship to the past.
  • Learn how to help clients integrate the fragmentation that results from trauma through empowering internal attachment work. Learn skills to help clients heal from emotional ruptures that occur in childhood and show up as interpersonal and intrapersonal challenges in adulthood.
  • As a clinician, learn how to regulate your own nervous system so that trauma work can be enjoyable and sustainable. Also learn how to work with your own parts that may come up with clients so that you can respond from a present state with curiosity.

Practice Opportunities:

The six month duration allows participants the time to integrate their learning into their practice while maintaining the support of the learning community.  At each class, participants will engage in experiential exercises and demos to help solidify their learning.  Participants are encouraged to practice the skills in their work between training dates and bring questions to the case consultations.

Learning Community:

This is a closed course so that participants can establish a supportive learning cohort for the six month duration.


For the price of one consultation session per month, participants will get to engage in a full day of training, consult, experiential learning and community support.


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